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Psychotherapy training and supervision opportunities are available throughout the scheme (please click on individual clinical sites for more details).   Access to Balint group training is available in our training centres.

An opportunity to undertake a Higher Diploma in Psychotheraphy Studies and/or an MSc Programme in Psychotherapy may be available to our trainees.  These courses are based at the Department of Psychiatry, St Vincent's University Hospital.

What is a Balint Group?

Michael Balint was a UK based psychoanalytically trained psychiatrist who, in the 1940s, together with his wife Enid, established training groups for GPs in which they could discuss challenging cases in a structured explorative way.

According to Balint, the purpose of these groups is “to examine the relationship between the doctor and the patient to look at the feelings generated in the doctor as possibly being part of the patient’s world and then use this to help the patient. If these feelings do not seem to belong to the patient but to the doctor it helps to know that too, to be a participant in a relationship and its observer is fraught with difficulties and potential bias.  The aim is to study this (bias) carefully. As a consequence, the doctors can take the feelings that arise from their work seriously and pay attention to much that would otherwise be disregarded”.

Balint groups are now used internationally by many health professionals to support their work.



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